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TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater


1957 Winnebago Street

Madison, WI



Tapit/New Works


TAPIT/new works creates, produces and performs original works, by collaborating with theater, dance, music and visual artists. TAPIT/new works also brings the arts to audiences of varied ages and backgrounds and encourages participation in the arts through outreach; while striving to enrich the lives of individuals and communities.

Our work is all about artistic innovation and community connection.


Established in 1985, this internationally touring company blends the talents of producing artistic directors, Donna Peckett and Danielle Dresden, to create dynamic and engaging new, multi-disciplinary theater.


Our productions are as nimble as they are fresh.

TAPIT/new works has performed and conducted residencies in venues ranging from international festivals to a small-town judge’s chambers – and everything in between.

Our work shows that the shortest distance between people is found through the arts.

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