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The Artistic Home


1376 W. Grand Ave.

Chicago, IL



The Artistic Home


The Artistic Home creates theatre and film that explores and celebrates the truth within us. Through extraordinary acting, we seek to ignite an audience’s imagination, to reach deep into the primal to send tremors through the intellect, to give birth to unforgettable moments by working in an intimate space, to touch audiences who are increasingly distanced from human contact. We readdress the classics and explore new works with passion. We give artists a home where they can shape, develop and strengthen their artistic voice.


The Artistic Home was founded in 1998, under the leadership of Artistic Director Kathy Scambiatterra, with the belief that the actor is the heart of great theater. It is the actor who moves the audience, brings a story to life, and - with the audience - creates the revelatory, truthful moments that great theater provides. We perform a diverse range of high-quality classic and newer works that have been well-received by both the general public and theater community. Their chief common denominator is great writing involving rich, complex character relationships. They present formidable challenges for actors and audiences, relying on sharp ensemble work.

The Artistic Home is an acting ensemble and studio. Through classes, workshopping theatre pieces, film projects and full stage productions, we proudly provide a space and working environment for 18 members and 8 associates -- as well as untold numbers of acting and directing students, designers, technicians and teachers -- to produce work and strengthen their artistic voice.

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