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The Comrades


2540 N. Lincoln Ave

Chicago, IL



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The Comrades

Fun. Vibrant. Engaging. Three words that explain it all.

There's something very exciting about starting a new theatre company in Chicago. This city has a rich history of supporting storefront theatre (Steppenwolf Theatre’s humble beginning in a church basement comes to mind) and we’re all very excited to be on this adventure.

We are going to produce theatre that is thought provoking, yet funny and poignant. We are going to produce theatre that people want to see and want to talk about. And we are going to entertain our audiences and leave them wanting more.

Starting a new company is not without it’s challenges: raising money, picking a show, hiring designers, rehearsing actors: there is more to putting on a show than what the audience sees. That being said, the best thing anyone can do for us right now is to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram and come see what we’re all about at the Chicago premiere of Mallery Avidon’s Mary-Kate Olsen Is In Love.

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