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Theater Wit Theatre Company


1229 W Belmont

Chicago, IL



Theater Wit Theatre Company


Theater Wit is the premier smart art theater in Chicago, producing humorous, challenging, and intelligent plays that speak with a vibrant and contemporary theatrical voice.


Theater Wit's values perfectly capture the particular relationship I want to forge with our audience. We ask them to unlock their compassion through laughter; to maintain an agile wit so they can dance along with the experience; and to relate that experience to contemporary life. My preference is to focus on local premieres but does not preclude revisiting classic plays from new perspectives.

We're here for the same reason: to be a part of this shared experience. We invite everyone in our walls, no matter if they are complete strangers or familiar faces; no matter how different the age, the race, or the walk of life; after this performance, to celebrate that commonality. So, strike up a conversation in the lobby, introduce yourself to someone new. Meet our staff, shake hands with an actor, get a drink from our bar. We’re all in this together.

The Space:

As an institution, Theater Wit seeks to be the hub of the Chicago neighborhood theater scene. In our three spaces, we bring together Chicago's best storefront theater companies. Here you will find a smorgasbord of excellent productions, see the work of a parade of talented artists, and mingle with audiences from all over Chicago.


Founded in 2004, Theater Wit has built an organization based on laughter, empathy and relevance.

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