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Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre


1751D W. Howard


Chicago, IL



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Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre


Theo Ubique's mission is to engage actors and audiences in an intimate and honest conversation with great theatrical works.

History and Name:

Theo Ubique Theatre Company was founded in 1997 by Fred Anzevino, Artistic Director, Matt Yde and Farell Wilson; then, incorporated in 2004. 

Our name is a combination of two great cultures that are the cornerstones of Western society. Theo (pronounced thee-oh) is an ancient Greek word meaning god (as in a universal force), and Ubique (pronounced oo-bah-kway) is Latin for “everywhere.” For both the Greeks and Romans, the theatre was a sanctuary for the communal telling of stories that represent the dynamic, life-giving energy of the universe. This energy is most tangibly felt when minimalism and intimacy—as in the cabaret-style of theatre—helps us focus on a story’s honesty, simplicity and awe, thus bringing us closer to the story’s deeper meaning.


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