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UW-Waukesha Theatre


Lunt-Fontanne Theatre

1500 N. University Ave

Waukesha, Wisconsin



UW-Waukesha Theatre

UW-Waukesha students and community members have the opportunity to participate in any of the 3-4 shows produced in the 330 seat Lunt-Fontanne Theatre each season.

We produce one full production during the fall and spring semester. In the summer months, we normally produce a full stage musical in collaboration with our Music Department, and engage the youth in the community with a Children’s Theatre production.

You need not be a theatre major to get involved – all students are encouraged to get involved regardless of academic major and community members are also welcome! Opportunities to act, or work as a member of the production team (costume, lights, set, sound, PR) are available to all.

For more information, please contact Associate Professor of Communications and Theatre Arts Steven Decker.

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